Thumb Premium Biodiesel

Thumb Premium Biodiesel is a renewable fuel that can be used in any diesel engine without modification and is chemically converted from used cooking oils from restaurants throughout Michigan.  No gallon of biodiesel leaves the facility without meeting stringent ASTM D6751 standards, and Thumb Premium Biodiesel consistently meets Grade 1-B specifications which ensures the fuel performs well in cold weather applications.

Thumb Premium Biodiesel is commonly blended with diesel fuel ranging from 5 percent (B5) to 20 percent (B20) biodiesel.  Most engine manufacturers allow using blends up to B20 without any void to the warranty.

Key Benefits of Using Thumb Premium Biodiesel

·       Superior lubricity: using a biodiesel blend improves lubricity up to 50% which benefits injector and fuel system components

·       Cleaner burning:  Particulate matter, carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbons, and other smog causing particles are significantly reduced

·       Low toxicity:  biodiesel safely degrades four times faster than petroleum diesel

·       Alternative to foreign oil:  Thumb Premium Biodiesel is Michigan’s fuel!  Every gallon that is used supports the Michigan economy and Michigan agriculture

·       Reduced greenhouse gas emissions:  Biodiesel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 86 percent when compared to petroleum diesel

Biodiesel Production