Michigan Used Cooking Oil Collection and Biodiesel Production

Michigan Biodiesel
Welcome to the web site for Thumb BioEnergy, Michigan’s premier biodiesel producer and used cooking oil collector. As a service provider as well as a fuel manufacturer, we have a two part process that comprises our business

    1. At Thumb BioEnergy, we provide Michigan restaurants with fast and responsive used cooking oil collection. We excel in this field by being a local, Michigan-owned company that updates our collection routes daily to better serve our customers. We pay our customers on the spot after every collection and provide them with a weight ticket to show exactly how much oil we collected.
    2. After we’ve collected used cooking oil it is taken to our production facility in Sandusky, Michigan where it is cleaned up and processed into Grade 1B Biodiesel to ASTM standards. Our biodiesel is then sold throughout the Thumb of Michigan to various oil companies and farmer cooperatives.

The U.S. consumes somewhere around 65 billion gallons of diesel fuel with about 38 billion gallons used for off road purposes. This compares to about 140 billion gallons of gasoline used. Current biodiesel production would provide approximately 0.5% of total diesel use. The ethanol industry will provide about 2.8 percent of the total fuel used in the gasoline market for the U.S.

Most of these fuels are imported petrofuels (purchased from countries who do not like us which add to our negative balance of payments and when we burn the petrofuels they cause environmental damage.

Locally Produced Biofuels

  • Reduce foreign oil dependency
  • Protect our environment
  • Create Local Jobs

Using Local Feedstocks

  • Waste food and wastes from food processing
  • Used cooking oil (UCO) from Michigan restaurants

Our Mission

Thumb BioEnergy is committed to building a local alternative energy economy by producing affordable clean fuels for the communities of Sanilac and surrounding counties that offer opportunities for community development and local jobs.

Locally producing clean-burning fuel enhances our economy while lowering our dependence on foreign oil. By preventing the exportation of revenues to other regions or countries, we are boosting local businesses.

Our business boosts the local economy, creating local jobs and improves renewable fuels availability which creates a cleaner environment.

Our mission includes the following objectives

  • Produce biodiesel from local regional resources
  • Provide biodiesel distribution to the local region
  • Create jobs in the biofuels and related industries
  • Produce products that meet and exceed state and national standards
  • Place our customers as our # 1 priority